Sunday Spy Show, Ep 52, 03-09-17, Spies & Shadows TV

Sunday Spy Show, Podcast #52, 3.9.17

Join Brian Gray on the best UK spy podcast for top discussion and chat on Britain’s MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, and more.

Episode 52 of the UK’s leading intelligence podcast is here for you to listen to. And as it turns out, it’s a bit of a lengthy one, thanks to some very welcome guests.

As always, US contributor Michael Brady offers his Stateside perspective of what’s going on in the US intelligence community. Oh, and did you know his first novel is released this month? Of course you did – well remembered!

But you’re also treated to veteran intelligence writer and former podcast contributor Michael Smith, who explains the motivations for spying. Yep, he’s got a book to flog too!

As usual, there’s seriousness, sensibility, and a wee tad of stupidity as well, all in the right proportions.



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Anyway, as far as the news stories go…listen out for the following…

  • NEWS
    • Intelligence services and the media vs Joe Public?
    • ex-GCHQ Head Robert Hannigan’s questionable parenting advice…and the response!
    • WannaCry UK hero detained in US: GCHQ acquiescence
    • Professor Michael Brady: US intel round-up
    • Michael Smith – ‘The Anatomy of a Traitor’ – motivations to spy.
    • John Le Carre evening at the Royal Festival Hall

I hope you enjoy the content: seriousness, sensibility and stupidity in the right proportions and places!

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FEATURED WEB LINKS…and a few other mentions in dispatches

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this is COMEDY  – only watch this if you can take a joke and don’t get triggered or need to retreat to a ‘safe space’.

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