Sunday Spy Show, Ep 51, 30-07-17, Spies & Shadows TV

Sunday Spy Show, Podcast #51, 30.7.17

Join Brian Gray on the best UK spy podcast for top discussion and chat on Britain’s MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, and more.

Did you miss the Sunday Spy Show ?  Well, it’s back….after a rather lengthy soujourn….and all because of one infuriating article!

Episode 51 of the UK’s leading intelligence podcast is here for you to listen to. Most of the material was collated then duly recorded in late June. But there was a problem, namely one particular article that REALLY irked. And so a suitably explosive reposte was called for. Then it was deliberated on for a while as to whether it should be kept in the podcast.

It got cut. Nearly twenty minutes of it. Will the ‘missing minutes’ ever see the light of day (or the audio equivalent) ? Who knows.

Anyway, there’s a few stories covered PLUS US contributor Michael Brady offers his Stateside perspective of what’s going on with Comey-gate.

As usual, there’s seriousness, sensibility, and a wee tad of stupidity as well, all in the right proportions.



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Anyway, as far as the news stories go…listen out for the following…

  • NEWS

    • MI5’s analytical shortcomings in wake of terror attacks
    • Professor Michael Brady: Comey-gate continued
    • Finding out your Dad is a spy
    • Winding up the spooks-to-be: Vetting Officers

PLUS: Your chance to join Spybrary podcast presenter and myself on THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL this September!

I hope you enjoy the content: seriousness, sensibility and stupidity in the right proportions and places!

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FEATURED WEB LINKS…and a few other mentions in dispatches

No news stories this episode, so blatant plugs for the authors instead!

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A moment that changed me: finding out at 15 that Dad was a spy | Charlotte Cooper | Opinion | The Guardian

London’s Old War Office to be Raffles Luxury Hotel – The Wealth Scene

Michael Brady – Spy Novel Thrillers, Spy Novels, Fiction Books

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