SPIES & SHADOWS TV came to life in Autumn 2015 with the express aim of providing content-rich podcasts as well as book, cinema, and television reviews all focusing on the intelligence and covert military worlds. Videos and other content will come along in the future.

Based in the UK, our content will naturally have more of a focus on the activities of Britain’s three main intelligence services – MI5, MI6, and GCHQ.  Parliamentary affairs will also be put under the spotlight.

SO WHO’S RUNNING THE SHOWBrian Gray, Spies & Shadows TV?
Founder of Spies & Shadows TV is Brian Gray.  Back in the 1990’s he graduated with a BA (Hons) in International Relations (specialising, it has to be said, in the more darker and destructive aspects) and lectured in politics and economics.

Brian’s interest in international affairs and the covert military and intelligence worlds continued throughout the next decade and in 2009, he founded London’s in-depth spy tour experience, THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL.

Since then he has attracted a wide range of clients from the international intelligence, military/security and diplomatic communities – and the odd spy writer and actor along the way. for good measure.  In providing content-rich intelligence experiences on the streets of London – spy capital of the world – he has established credibility among professional commentators and practitioners alike.

With the intelligence world proving enduringly popular (whether for right or wrong reasons, either in reality or fiction), through Spies & Shadows TV, Brian aims to educate, enlighten (and every now and again entertain) people around the world who have an interest in the hidden aspect of contemporary and historical international relations.

It’s hoped you’ll enjoy the podcasts, reviews and all sorts of things planned for the future.

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