Sunday Spy Show, Podcast #5, 06.12.15

Sunday Spy Show, Spies & Shadows TV, MI5, MI6, GCHQ

Join Brian Gray and Chris Carr for an hour’s worth of topical spy news and discussion, book and film/TV reviews of the intelligence and covert worlds, in the UK and further afield.

This week, Brian and Chris discuss:-

  • intelligence issues relating to Syria in the UK and USA
  • GCHQ at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal
  • Obama, Bush and CIA torture
  • the latest episode of BB2 drama ‘London Spy’ (plus comparison with ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’)

And there’s also Brian’s top Spook Books to consider filling your Christmas stocking with!


N.B.  While currently temporarily  available on Soundcloud, the Sunday Spy Show will be available on the Spies & Shadows website in the very near future. Stay in the loop on future developments by signing up for updates and the monthly e-newsletter.

As seems to be norm now, the number of news stories covered in the podcast can vary on how much we end up talking about it. If the conversation is good and the points raised equally so, then strict clock-watching goes out the window.

That said, in order to keep the podcast running at about 1 hour, inevitably some stories didn’t make the final podcast, including:

There was also some rather interesting stuff that while great fun discussing, was felt to be perhaps a bit contentious so erred on the side of caution and left it out. Perhaps our subscribers will have access to it at a later time. Brian and Chris DO like to talk!

Links to the stories included in the podcast are here:-

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Take care and join us next week for more!
Brian & Chris